When you arrive to St. Petersburg we can provide you with a chauffeur driven car from  St. Petersburg airport (Pulkovo) and all major railway stations.  Our driver will be waiting for you with a greeting board bearing your name in the arrival hall (at the airport) or on the platform (at the railway station) and safely deliver your to your accommodation. Besides we organize  transfers to theatres or restaurants in the evening. Also you can rent a car or minivan with driver with pay-per-hour cost. We offer you high quality of service at competitive rates.

(1-2 pax)
(3-6 pax)
(7-12 pax)
(13-19 pax)
Airport (Pulkovo), railway or bus station - Hotel (or vicerversa) 50 70 100 150
Hotel-Theater (one way) 40 55 70 100
Hotel-Theater-Hotel 60 75 110 170
Rent a car with a driver (rent per hour)* 15 20 25 35

* Minimum rental time: 3 hours + 1 extra hour (=delivery time) is charged on top the total amount per day. 

The above rates are quoted in Euros per car/minibus. At night time (from 10.00 p.m. to 08.00 a.m.) + 50% extra

The transfer does not include a guideOn your request you might be met by the guide-interpreter who will escort you to the car, accompany you to your hotel, generally show you around and assist you with hotel accommodation. English (Spanish, French, German, Italian) speaking guide's assistance during transfer is 30 Euros.  If the transfer order is for more than 8 people, this service is free.

To book the transfer or the car with a driver please send your request to

Please give us your full name, date and time of your arrival, your flight/train number, your hotel name and your contacts. It will be also better if you give us your mobile phone number accessible in Russia for any urgent case.

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